APP is a modular analysis system for measurement of  immissions and emissions in water.

The automatic analyzer APP is based on the photometric principle. Due to its high sensitivity and precision the instrument can be used as a monitoring device in field measuring stations for natural waters, in the vicinity of sewage water treatment plants or in laboratories. Because of a variety of different in- and outputs, APP can be integrated in control devices of water treatment plants in order to optimize the water treatment process.

The scheme below shows the basic principle of the automat.


The heart of APP is a patented pump-photometer carrying out the tasks of dosing the chemicals, adjusting the cuvette length, measurement of light extinction and perhaps dilution of the water sample to be examined. A multipath valve connects this module with the reaction and compensation vessel. Aiming at long-term stability and -employment, the number of moving parts is minimized. An advanced processor, controlling the analysis process and a number of housekeeping data, is equipped. The routine communication with the instrument is performed with four function keys or remotely controlled by a computer. The measurements are carried out after the DIN norm and other internationally used processes. Determination of a concentration value lasts 2 to 20 minutes, depending on the programmed process.

The photo below shows the realization in the DESKTOP-VERSION.


The measured values are stored in the internal memory and are available on a LCD display and at analog and digital standard outputs. APP is enabled to carryout special measuring tasks by adaptation of range, sampling rate, time table of automatic calibration etc.. Alarm messages and measured values can easily be transmitted also via radio link or telephone line for remote quick diagnosis.  

APP is configured for the measurement of one parameter in the factory. Available e. g.: ammonium, nitrate and phosphate, nutrients which are of biological importance in sewage and natural waters. Other parameters can be realized with the same type of analyzer in other configurations. Further applications are being prepared.