IL   2120
  • pressure proof down to 500 m

  • all titanium construction

  • bulkhead terminal

  • dimensions and weight L: 210 mm, : 34 mm, W: 0.5 kg


main applications
  • laboratory measurement
  • vertical and horizontal profiling
  • detection of microstructures
principle incident light excitation according to microscope methods at 450 nm measurement of prompt fluorescence response at 680 nm
resolution 0.03 g/l
linear response  up to 250 g/l
available interfaces
  • 16 bit serial  asynchronous
  • analog voltage or current

Fluorometer IL 2120 is especially designed for the measurement of the prompt Fluorescence of Chlorophyll a
IL stands for incident light excitation according to microscope-methods.

The type IL 2120 is a miniaturized instrument especially designed for applications in surface waters and for microstructure detection. The small size is possible because the Xe-lamp could be exchanged for a LED with high efficiency.
With its ability to operate as a single sensor or in combination with any ME multiparameter-probes the instrument is well suited for oceanographic or limnologic applications as well as for environmental monitoring activities.
The excitation is done between 400 and 490 nm.
The emission is measured at 680 nm with a bandwidth of 20 nm. In this respect the operation is completely compatible to the flash lamp type, however the type of noise or sensitivity is different .
The volume of highest sensitivity is directly in front of the pressure-proof glas-window. Thus influences resulting from suspended matter are widely avoided. 
The instrument is calibrated to a standardized chlorophyll dye. Due to its very small dimensions and the extremely low power consumption
Fluorometer IL 2120 is the ideal instrument for the completion of any ME multiparameter-probe.
But it can also be adapted to other data acquisition systems.

        Principle Optical Design: