ME Probe Interface is the link between ME Probes and a computer data logger. The interface contains a power supply unit, a constant current source with a demodulator, a cable voltage indicator and a cable voltage limitation.

The constant current source provides the OTS and ECO Probes with 200 mA.

The demodulator converts the incoming FSK-signals to RS 232 signals. These are transmitted to the built in (embedded) PC or to an external computer for further evaluation.

The cable voltage indicator lets you control the energy supply of the probe and can serve as an indicator for cable defects.

Standard output of the interface is 1200 - 9600 bps baudrate.

The PC calculates physical data from the raw data received from the different ME Probes. The ME MULTIPAR Software is compatible to all ME probes (up to 4 simultan inputs can be operated simultanuously.

Main features: